RA-4500 Fully Automated Sample Digestion and CVAAS

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The model RA-4500 is the latest development in fully automated mercury analyzersthat can carry out all the processes from pretreatment to measurement. Afterthe sample has been loaded, the RA-4500 performs all the processes includingreagent dispensing, color judgment, thermal decomposition, cooling, andreduction of the excess Potassium Permanganate with Hydroxyl ammonium Chloride.The measurement of mercury is performed by utilizing the reducing vaporizationmethod after an addition of stannous chloride. The RA-4500 is capable ofhandling 80 samples at a time, and by performing a discrete type analysis, theRA-4500 provides savings on labor and operating costs.

Measuring method: Reducing vaporization method
Detection method: Cold-vapor atomic absorption spectrometry
Measuring range: 0.0005 ppb(0.5ppt) to 100ppb
Dispensed reagent: 8 peristaltic pump
Number of samples: 80

Reactioncondition : Photo sensor


measurement Hg indrinking waters, industrial wastewaters, river waters, lake waters, seawaters,rain-runoff, more.
US EPA Methods 245.1,245.2,7470A,JIS K0102,APHA 3112,EN 1483, and more